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You’re not alone. 1 in 10 Australians have a black mark on their credit file that prevents them getting the loan they deserve for a car, house or their business.

Princeville Credit Advocates will fix your credit rating.

We’ve helped thousands of Australians out of their credit problems, putting them back in control of their finances.

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1000’s of credit file repairs

Princeville Credit Advocates have succeeded in removing over 2,000 default and judgment listings from credit files. We specialise in negotiating to improve your financial situation.

“Thanks for helping me out. I couldn’t get a loan to do renovations on my shop and now I can.”

- Andrew

Andrew had a Judgment on his credit file. Judgments stay there for 5 years. The debt was disputed and the Judgment was removed.

“I want you to come down to my butcher’s shop and I will fill your car with meat. Thanks for helping me. I will tell everyone about it.”

- Chris

There were two problems on Chris’ file. A bank default and a Telco clearout. We removed the debt, accumulated interest, and the Telco clearout.

“Will not hesitate to use your service again in the future, if the need arises. Many thanks for your efforts.”

- Shannon

Shannon had a Writ on his credit file and paid in full 2 weeks later.